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Dreams Factory is an Emmy Award winning production company based in Richmond, Virginia. We deliver excellence in filmmaking by seamlessly blending talent and creativity with perfect attention to our client's needs. For more than a decade, our team has been using the latest technologies to bring your dreams to life through film and video.

Having worked on location and in the studio for so long, we have accumulated the knowledge and experience to handle any challenges in the filmmaking process.  Our 16,000 square foot modern facility includes multiple editing bays, visual effects suites, and final color correction suites. We share creative space with In Your Ear, a Grammy Award winning audio production company.  In Your Ear operates one of the largest live audio recording studios in the region. Our facility includes   

Dreams Factory has the ability to bring films from concept to distribution without the need for outsourcing, allowing for a closer collaboration between artists and others involved in the exciting and often complex filmmaking process.


Dreams Factory is a boutique, Emmy Award winning production company located in Richmond, Virginia. We're passionate and excited about what we do, and that passion shows. We maintain the upmost respect for our clients, working together to consistently turn out top-notch products by seamlessly blending our creativity, technical knowledge and experience of over twenty years. Our talented team of director/DP's and experienced producers are continually bringing your dreams to life through film and video. 

Our artists work in a 16,000 square foot modern facility which includes multiple editing suites, visual effects suites, and final color correction suites, all outfitted with the most up-to-date equipment. We share creative space with the Grammy Award winning audio production company In Your Ear, who offers talented and experienced audio engineers and composers, operating in three audio recording studios for stereo or 5.1 surround mixes, and one of the best equipped and largest live audio recording rooms in the region.


We collaborate closely with pour clients... 

We maintain the upmost respect for our clients...




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