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Belt and Road

Upon returning from a visit to his homeland of China during the early part of 2017 where Director Sunny Zhao met with and presented his reel to some of China's top production companies, Sunny was notified through We-Chat by the client in China that he was tapped along with several other directors for the hi-profile video for Belt And Road. After several conference calls and We-Chat discussions the enthusiastic director went to work honing his approach and presented his vision for the project with his final treatment. Upon being chosen he prepared and moved quickly flying on a seemingly moments notice to China, where he immediately began meeting and working with his production team.

Over a period of thirty days, including over ten days of shooting in China, Europe and The Middle East, Sunny led his team of over one hundred and fifty international cast and crew members through long but gratifying days of filming in exotic locations.

The finished ninety second video was shown during the opening of the Belt And Road Summit in Beijing during May of 2017, it also airs on CCTV (China's largest State Run Television Station,) as well as scheduled to air in other international locations.

Director Sunny Zhao is a US citizen formerly from China, his eye for beautiful imagery, his enthusiastic personality, his knowledge and appreciation of US and Chinese history and culture, and his ability to speak both Chinese and English proved him to be the perfect fit for the Belt and Road production.

Belt and Road garners it's name from the historic Silk Road in China. It is a hi-profile initiative led by China to expand business trade, and cultural exchange throughout countries in Asia, Europe and The Middle East. The Belt and Road conference held in Beijing during May of 2017 was attended by world leaders and international dignitaries.