All of us at Dreams Factory are pleased to share the bios, references, and the work samples below as reference to the creativity, quality and care that will be put forth in the video advertisement for Chesterfield County Police Department. 

One Belt One Road - Video played during the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road summit in Beijing, China in May 2017, which was attended by over 68 world leaders. One Belt One Road is also currently airing on CCTV (China's largest television network) as well as broadcast outlets around the globe.

Connect Us Together - The revitilization of Richmond’s historic Main Street Station.

Hunter and Dog - Commercial for McGeorge Toyota won the Gold in Best Overall at this year's Richmond Ad Show.

Eyes of the Future - Television commercial for Conexus for Healthy Vision

Trailer for “Gift” - Feature length movie, written, directed and shot by Sunny Zhao. Screened during Cannes 2018.

Blanket Fort - Emmy Award-winning Television commercial for Children’s Hospital of Richmond.


Dreams Factory originally established in 1994 by Emmy Award - winning director/cinematographer, artist and musician, Sunny Zhao, is a newer breed of production company, yet with over twenty years of experience. We produce and create visual content specifically tailored for your brand. Whether it’s TV commercials, public service announcements, web videos, corporate presentations, movies, music videos, or content for new media outlets, we have the creativity, the knowledge and experience to bring your vision to life, achieving the highest and best results.

All of our efforts go in to each production. We treat each of our clients with an individual and personal approach, aiming very high and consistently exceed expectations on every project, while staying within budget. We're always excited to work with you.




Sunny Zhao, an Emmy Award­-winning director and founder of Dreams Factory, has the reputation of telling a story with remarkable visual style and artistic sensibility. His love for filmmaking occupies nearly every waking moment. When not filming, you’ll find him researching film, music, art, fashion, history, and the latest film technology.

Growing up in an artistic family, Sunny spent part of his early childhood on an abandoned art compound in China, where he explored ghostly film sets, performance halls, and rehearsal studios. It was this quiet and contemplative atmosphere that fostered his imagination. He taught himself how to paint in various mediums and won the “Rising Young Artist” award when he was 11 years old. Upon graduating from middle school, through competition, he was selected to attend the prestigious Shenyang Conservatory of Music to study classical music full time. After a successful music career as a pop vocalist, Sunny moved to the U.S. and founded Dreams Factory, a successful boutique production company, to pursue his passion for visual arts.

Whether the project is thirty seconds long or three hours in length, Sunny is a believer in applying his dedication and drive one hundred percent. Sunny strives to capture the beauty and meaning in each element, weaving the footage together with great depth and complexity to create a visual journey that the viewer would want to experience again and again. He has created TV ad campaigns for clients such as Seiko Watch, Walmart, GEICO, UPS, Miller Lite, CCTV of China, Virginia Lottery and Virginia Tourism, and many others. His artistic skills, deep understanding of music, and creativity have brought him to a place where he is being recognized for his unique talent.

Sunny's latest work is a full length feature film titled "Gift", which tells an extraordinary story about music, love, tragedy, and friendship. “Gift” just premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. It is a great showcase of his talent in both music and visual arts.



Executive Producer

Tim Dowdle is one of the executive producers at Dreams Factory. He also holds a seat on the Board of Directors of The Virginia Production Alliance and the Committee for Workforce Development for film industry in Virginia. After attending Kansas University he moved to the East Coast, living in the DC/Baltimore/Annapolis, MD region, followed by a move to Virginia where he started working with Sunny and Dreams Factory in the early 2000s. 

Tim has an affinity for anticipating agency and client requirements, as well as artistic needs of the creative team; he is the voice of calmness under pressure. Having experienced the production business from all aspects and positions, he has a solid understanding of every department and the sheer amount of teamwork that is required to turn a great concept into an award- winning piece of work. 

Dreams Factory is proud to work with clients such as: