Founded by Sunny Zhao, a multi-award winning director, cinematographer, editor, and writer, Dreams Factory is a production company with over twenty years of experience recognized for producing the highest quality content ranging across all media platforms.

Whether it is TV commercials, web videos, movies and music videos, or digital content for other platforms, our team of experienced and dedicated professionals is passionate about driving our clients’ messages home to the hearts of their audiences through compelling visuals while ensuring budget and time are used to maximum efficiency.

At the core of Dreams Factory is our love of collaborating with our clients and bringing their ideas to life, refining them into a visually dynamic and impactful product that will resonate with our clients’ intended markets. We take great joy in pushing the boundaries of expectation by approaching each project in innovative ways to captivate the audience in this ever-changing world.

Sample collection of our work

One Belt One Road - Directed by Sunny Zhao who lead a team through China, Greece and Europe during the production. The video played during the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road summit in Beijing, China, which was attended by over 68 world leaders. One Belt One Road is also currently airing on CCTV (China's largest television network) as well as broadcast outlets around the globe.

Hunter and Dog - Commercial for McGeorge Toyota won the Gold in Best Overall at this year's Richmond Ad Show.

Teaser for “Gift” - Feature length movie, written, directed, and shot by Sunny Zhao. Screened during Cannes 2018 and Official Selection of Raindance Film Festival in London.

Trailer for “Gift” - Feature length movie, written, directed and shot by Sunny Zhao. Screened during Cannes 2018 and Official Selection of Raindance Film Festival in London.

Main Street Station - video for The City of Richmond’s revitalized historic Main Street Station. The video was produced entirely by Dreams Factory and shot over a four year period through all phases of construction. The City of Richmond displays the video via digital, marketing presentations, and online to advertise the station as a driving force in Richmond’s revitalization, as a destination, an urban hub, and an event space.

Eyes of the Future - Television commercial for Conexus for Healthy Vision

Run Meat Run - Stampede - TV Commercial

Director’s Montage


  • Producing, directing and shooting On-Locations or In-Studio.

  • Production personnel including; producers, directors, director of photography, assistant directors, production managers, camera assistants, camera operators, location scouting, gaffers, grips, art department, wardrobe and makeup, and all other support staff on location or in studio.

  • Production equipment including; 4k to 8k resolution Cinema cameras, Ultra High Speed cameras for slo-motion up to 1,500 fps, drone and pilots for 6k aerial footage, all camera support personnel, lenses, camera support equipment, jibs, dolly, gimbals, camera mounts and camera moving devices.


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