Split Screen

Split Screen is an Emmy Award Nominated television commercial produced for Children’s Hospital at VCU. The spot features Children’s Hospital’s young Leukemia patient Campbell. Campbell’s biggest desire in life is to become a nurse like nurse Kathy, who was Campbell’s caretaker throughout her treatments. Campbell possesses a happy and positive attitude that proved uplifting to the entire crew and all of us at Dreams Factory. We’re proud to work with Campbell and the entire staff of Children’s Hospital at VCU to promote their mission and their state of the art facility.

Blanket Fort

Blanket Fort is an Emmy Award Winning spot for Children's Hospital at VCU. The spot features Annie who is a Cystic Fibrosis patient undergoing treatment through Children’s Hospital. The spot highlights her dream of becoming an architect. Annie is a very positive and admirable little girl little and a real pleasure to work with.