Virginia Lottery "Jeep Seeker"

Rough Neighborhood

Rough neighborhood is one spot of a two commercial series for The Virginia Lottery’s newest scratcher tickets. The tickets offer chances to win a new Jeep Rubicon, or more. This spot shows a couple leaving home on their way out for early morning errands as a sleepy neighbor watches them put their brand new Jeep Rubicon’s 4 wheel drive to best use in their front yard. Sunny and crew created the off road course with the use of granite boulders trucked and stacked in the front yard on the location.

The Chase

The Chase is a thirty second television commercial designed to attract new players to The Virginia Lottery. The Chase entices players to use The Virginia Lottery’s newly introduced mobile device game app to follow in-app maps and clues leading to Jeep Rubicons strategically hidden throughout Virginia. The spot is entirely live action shot in camera by Director and Cinematographer Sunny Zhao. Visual effects were added over the live action footage during post production to enhance the look and represent the feel of a video game.